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who we are

Whether through presentations, trade show kiosks, or national ads, at Shadow Works we pride ourselves on developing creative solutions for our clients. These solutions are an extension of their branding strategies and maximize functionality of the digital delivery vehicles used. This mindset starts with our two founding partners and filters down to everyone working on client projects.


victor perez partner

Victor’s 30+ year career in information and presentation design as well as his background in both the client and agency sides of the business bring to the table a level of experience seldom found in this field. Couple that experience with an extensive knowledge of branding and digital communications and you can see why he brings a wide range of creative solutions to the table.

Victor is an avid jazz fan and an antiquarian book collector.


kc tagliareni partner

Kc’s 20+ year stint in the branding and design arena offered ample opportunity to hone the skills needed in today’s marketplace. His ability to understand brand strategy, brand communications, and consumer facing offerings has provided a broad knowledge base for his work in sight, sound and motion.

Kc loves video gaming and long walks in Central Park.

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